Sunday, October 16, 2011

I consider myself quite the auteur.

We took roughly a billion jillion pictures in Europe. That's too many for us to post and caption right now. If you come visit us, we'll show you some.

In the meantime, get a beer and some licorice, because I uploaded all of our videos!

These videos were all taken with my iPod Touch that Katie gave me as a wedding present.
They follow our adventures chronologically, staring in Paris and ending in London.

We visited the Eiffel Tower, which sparkled:

In Bruges we saw an organ grinder:

Drinking your beer is public is not a big deal in Germany:

Statues in Prague are fun:

We had strong beer, good food, and accordion at U Fleku:

A tiny taste of the German beerhall/beergarden culture:

The hills are alive with the sound of foreigners huffing and puffing on bikes:

The always-exciting Vienna U-Bahn:

A tour of the overnight train from Vienna to Venice:

We got to ride a gondola in Venice:

We also got to see James Taylor (from afar) in Venice:

We rented a car and took a day trip from Florence out to Pisa:

We threw Eurocents into the Trevi Fountain:

We had Guinness at the St. James's Gate Brewery. I fucking love Ireland:

Appearances to the contrary, it turns out I'm actually fundamentally incompetent when dealing with technology:

Caaaaaark. The pub:

We kissed the Blarney Stone. Katie is thrilled that she now has the Gift of the Gab:

So there's this dolphin that lives in the harbour. I didn't think it was going to be worth the cost of the boat tour, but it totally was:

Then we slept in Kinnitty Castle. Too much fun for words:

Then we came back to Dublin and someone (guess who) wanted to buy a tin whistle:

Our last night in Dublin, we headed to Temple Bar to see some step dancing:

A bit more step dancing. Not shown: when the guy's heel flew off his shoe and nailed some tourist in the chest. LOL:

Then we spent the last few days tooling around London. We rode a double-decker bus:

And that's what slightly less than one hour of our honeymoon was like. Rest assured the remainder was filled mostly with screaming arguments and vicious, subtle mind games.

Ireland was my favorite; Katie is hard-pressed to choose a favorite, but she maintains that Venice was exceptionally fun. Also, the train and the castle were highlights, as was visiting Stonehenge with Liesl. (Huge shout-out to Liesl and Julian for showing us around London.)

The heat seems to finally have abated here in New York, to the point where we were actually able to remove the air conditioner from our living room window. The highs, I say, are in the teens and low twenties, which is nice, if confusing for my mostly American co-workers. I am usually very open-minded and tolerant, but there are two issues upon which I will not budge: universal healthcare and the Metric system. Privatized healthcare and Fahrenheit can go fuck one another for all the good they do anyone.

Speaking of healthcare, now that I work at a school again, surrounded by these delightful little contagion vectors, it seems that I am to remain ill for the foreseeable future. This cough will not go away, but thankfully I am now insured, after a long period of uninsuredness (and, luckily, good health). I still have trouble getting my head around things like "co-pays."

We traveled to Pennsylvania last weekend to watch Katie's Iowa Hawkeyes get beaten about the head and shoulders by the Penn State Nittany Lions. American College Football is another oddity that I continue to parse, semi-successfully.

The end for now! I will rest, take my medicine, eat pizza. These things will make me stronger.

Now fuck off.

Love, Adam
Can they biiiite?


Anonymous Teacher Sabra said...

Memories! So glad you guys had a good time! My favorite thing in Rome was the Trevi Fountain!

12:34 am, October 17, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I was married to Adam and he would take me to Europe!

-Paul O'Keefe

p.s. I get the joke about "the needs of the many".

8:54 pm, October 23, 2011  

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