Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fuck you and the facebook you rode in on.

It seems that we have been press-ganged into joining this... thing. I can see that we have already acquired 60 friends, several of whom are very good friends.

Please don't demand that we put pictures up or scribble incessantly on 'walls'. I already have a place to put pictures, a place that is actually mine and not owned by some smarmy 24-year-old prick, and you're reading my (nnngh) 'wall' right now. Granted, since my descent into madness, I haven't been as attentive to your needs as I'd like, but it's a New Year: renewed energy and all that. I will not post our Facebook name here, but if you know us, you can probably figure it out, or e-mail us and ask. I am happy that I can now know what all my friends are doing without burdening them with the responsibilty of sending an e-mail once every six months.

Speaking of needs, I just this moment learned that Google has finally released a version of Picasa for Macs. If you're not using Picasa, the photos on your computer are a random jumbled mess. I used it on my Windoze machines in Taiwan, and it's been hell not having a version for Mac. iPhoto just isn't as good. Do yourself a favour and go get it. (They also have versions for Windoze and Linux users.)

A few tit-bits to tide you over until Picasa finishes grinding through all the photos on this machine:

Dolphin Olympics 2 is an exercise in fantastic game design. Swim, flip. Perfect.

Auditorum is similarly spectacular. Play around with it for a few minutes, and you'll see what I mean.

Katie and I don't often eat fast food, but if any of you happen to go into a Burger King, see if you can't grab one of these bad motherfuckers for me.

That is so what I'm talking about.

Behold! The new office in Brookyn!
My little hobbit-hole:
And a clever cellphone-picture opportunity at the Times Square subway stop (three storeys below ground), pointing up the fact that the MTA is cutting back on heating:
Life continues apace. For Katie's birthday, I reserved a table at a tiny little Italian place in Hell's Kitchen, followed by Mary Poppins. I have now seen a grand total of three Broadway shows: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Mary Poppins. Well, four, I guess, if you count Video Games Live!. (Katie has completed the Disney musical quadrifecta, having seen Beauty and the Beast years ago.)

Christmas was a predictably lovely affair, New York being a large and vibrant city (with hardly any snow to speak of). Pictures of the massive Rockefeller tree, as well as our own, slightly smaller tree, will be available for viewing... later.

New Year's Eve was spent semi-quietly at a friend's house in Glendale. (Hilarious video forthcoming.) Last year we watched the fireworks from Manhattan and didn't get home until 4am because the late-night New Year's subway schedule licks balls. Watching the ball drop in person at Times Square is not something real people do. The mystique of the ball has never held any interest for me (perhaps because I'm from Canada, or perhaps because in Newfoundland we always celebrated the New Year thirty minutes before anyone else).

Our rent-free hotel continues its normal operation: my sister and her friend will be visiting from Yellowknife, and Katie's brother will be in town at some point as well. Visitors are always welcome, but book early, space is limited.

Work is work. Things are slow. I just translated a box of 1000 English-Spanish flash cards into 1000 English-Chinese flash cards. I am unable to escape the effects of four years in Taiwan. Ai-ya.

And this. This is just great.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard
Okay! That's all I've got!

Now fuck off.

Love, Adam
Hey, this guy over here dropped some really good cloth boots.